Now booking for Black History Month and 2018!

Every February we learn about Black History but too often we focus on the same things.

It’s important to know about historic and inspirational heroes such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, but we also need to dig deeper and learn more about inspirational leaders from Canada.

Our Black History presentation specializes in Black Canadian History.  I talk about Viola Desmond who stood up for her rights by sitting down at a movie theatre in Nova Scotia.  In 2018, she will be on the ten-dollar bill.

I talk about freedom fighter Josiah Henson – a slave that travelled the Underground Railroad for freedom in Canada, became a land owner, and helped other free and empower other blacks.  The presentation is interactive and I get the students rapping along to a negro spiritual.  I play a music video about Black Canadian achievements.  Finally, I call upon volunteers to play a game of “name that tune” to highlight black music contributions.

Black History Month Presentation

*Please note that this is an elementary k-5 school show that we filmed.  The presentation works at middle and highschools as well and is tailored to the audience.

Black History Music Video

Now booking for 2017-18!

It’s 2017 and we are looking forward to visiting more schools and reaching more youth.

We’ve made a few new additions… new brochure, new videos, new references… feel free to contact us with any questions,

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Stay Driven EPK

Highschool and In The Zone EPK

New D.O. song “Follow Me” – where I get to play a teacher!

We’ve added a few video clips from a Stay Driven Highschool performance.

Check it out:

New Mental Health Assembly added for 2015-2016

I’m excited to add a new presentation that focuses on Mental Health.

This is a subject that I have been asked about a lot over the last few years.

The program will address early warning signs and provide tips and solutions in an entertaining and educational way.


Email from parent 05/15/2015

“You went to my sons school today in Toronto. I want to thank you from the bottom of My heart for your positive influence on my Kids. They came home listening to your songs and saying that you were nice and you taught about bullying. My sons have been bullied in that school. It’s been an ongoing battle.

Thanks for dedicating yourself to serious and crucial topics. Such as bullying and self esteem. I appreciate you. Thank you
For being amazing. Thanks so much”

- parent from school in TCDSB, May 15 2015

I Stand Up feat Fred Penner

I had the pleasure of connecting with the legendary Fred Penner on this video.  It’s a remix of my original “I Stand Up” song which features a strong anti-bullying message.


Welcome to Stay Driven

I am excited for the upcoming 2015-16 school tour!

My name is Duane Gibson (though most of my friends call me D.O.) and I am Guinness World Record setting rapper and University graduate that is committed to inspiring youth.

Over the last ten years I have visited hundreds of school and had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of thousands of youth.

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“I enjoyed the presentation and was impressed at the rapt attention of every student in the gym. Your style is professional yet personal and the message very clear. The advice you give is  important for preadolescents whose attitudes and values are just being formed.”

Gayle Stucke, Director of Education, Lambton Kent District School Board

“You did a fantastic job with the youth. Words cannot express how touched we were by your performance and what an awesome job you did connecting the concept of the race with their lives. In working with this group of youth over the last year, I have NEVER seen them all so engaged and excited about something. You are, in fact, still the talk of the town with these kids. They can’t get enough of you and just keep sharing stories.”

“I am a teacher with the Peel board and my students had the opportunity to see your show on Friday.  I teach a behaviour class and have one student who faces a unique set of challenges .  Sometimes he is difficult to motivate.   He was moved by your performance and is suddenly inspired in a way I have not seen in him before.   He is very musical and because of your show, he is enthusiastic about expressing himself through writing music and songs.  I know he spoke to you after the show and he has not stopped talking about it since.  I just wanted to write to you to thank you for being such an inspiration to students  and for making a difference.”
- Teacher, Kingswood Drive, Brampton

Thank you Duane. The presentations this morning were amazing. The students really enjoyed themselves. Best wishes future… Our students really need someone like you to see that success can be achieved… The hunger for positive role models soo needed.

Bertha Cummins, Teacher,  Sunny View Middle School, Brampton Ontario

Educators continue to recommend Stay Driven!