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In addition to the programs below I am able to tailor a custom performance to your needs, just let me know what you would like to address.


Every February we learn about Black History but too often we focus on the same things.

It’s important to know about historic and inspirational heroes such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, but we also need to dig deeper and learn more about inspirational leaders from Canada.

Our Black History presentation specializes in Black Canadian History.  I talk about Viola Desmond who stood up for her rights by sitting down at a movie theatre in Nova Scotia.  In 2018, she will be on the ten-dollar bill.

I talk about freedom fighter Josiah Henson – a slave that travelled the Underground Railroad for freedom in Canada, became a land owner, and helped other free and empower other blacks.  The presentation is interactive and I get the students rapping along to a negro spiritual.  I play a music video about Black Canadian achievements.  Finally, I call upon volunteers to play a game of “name that tune” to highlight black music contributions.

1. HOLLA – Help, Outlet, Lead, Leave, Assert
Key Focus: Anti-Bullying, Self-esteem, Literacy
D.O. discusses several strategies to combat bullying focusing on building self-esteem, standing up to bullies and finding an outlet. This is our most popular program and recommended for a first visit to your school.

2. In The Zone
Key Focus: Literacy and Goal Setting program
D.O. will bond with you students as he shares his personal stories through freestyle rap. The programs focus is on the personal power can be gained through reading, creative writing and speech.

3. Stand Up!
Key Focus: Anti-Bullying, Bystanders, Physical Bullying
Works great as a follow-up to the Holla program. This program focuses on bystanders, rough playing in the school yard and hands on bullying. It also focuses on cyber bullying.

4. M.A.D. Skills (Media And Decisions)
Key Focus: Media Literacy, Cyber-bullying
D.O. will teach your students to make positive choices when it comes to the media. The program focuses on making informed decisions on music and TV choices as well as presenting strategies to combat cyber bullying.

5. Defy the Odds
Key Focus: Anti-violence
D.O. talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right group of friends; he addresses the issue of “snitching”, and inspires students to follow their goals to reach success.

6. Walk the Walk
Key Focus: Peer Pressure, Responsibility
This program works great for addressing peer pressure and making responsible decisions in both school and life situations.

7. Workshops
Key Focus: Literacy and Music
D.O. works with your students for either half or a full day on literacy and music. By the end of the workshop, a class will have created a song and had lots of fun in the process!
Additional topics include: Goal Setting, Racism, and more!

What Takes Place During An Hour Long Seminar?

Here is a sample view of a performance

1-5 -> Rap performance

Acapella rap engages students (Acapella so that teachers can understand it as well!)

6 – 10 -> Introduction

D.O. talks about how he faced adversity and how he overcome obstacles to become a University graduate and Guinness World Record setting rapper.

11 – 14 -> Video

Music video engages students.

15 – 29 -> First story

D.O. illustrates a lesson through a story, asking students what they would do in the situation and concluding with the lesson learned.

30 – 34 -> Freestyle Rap

D.O. asks students for topics to include in a freestyle rap.

35 – 44 -> Second story

D.O. talks about another lesson learned.

45 – 50 -> Rap performance

D.O. performs a song that requires students to rap with him.

50 – 59 -> Conclusion

Questions, and Prize giveaway.