Stay Driven EPK

NEW – EPK at Highschool audience taken during D.O.’s talk at OSLC (Ontario Student Leadership Conference)

Highschool and In The Zone EPK

“I Stand Up” remix feat Fred Penner

Black History Month Presentation

Black History Music Video

D.O. song “Follow Me” – where I get to play a teacher!

These are videos from a Highschool performance in downtown Toronto:

“I Stand Up” is a song that I recorded a few years back that has a strong anti-bullying message.  There are two videos for the song.  One that features students rapping along and another with the legendary Fred Penner.

“I Stand Up” – Original



Directed by Slakah the Beatchild

Special thank you to Mad Hus Cafe for location.


Video about D.O. and the Stay Driven program

D.O. on In The Zone

Elevate – Stay Driven profiled on MuchMusics DownLo

Defy the Odds music video


These songs can be played for your students before and after a D.O. performance.

Click here to download all songs

1. Stay Driven

2. Skillz

3. Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

4. Let It Go

5. Get In The Zone

6. Hollaback

7. Defy the Odds (Full length D.O. Song)

8. Young Brother (Full length D.O. Song)